My name is Monika Spílková and I’m a portrait and reportage photographer and a mom of two great kids who is a fan of all things homemade and eco, loves clean nature, living creatures, freedom, openness and creativity. I currently live and work in a small village in Moravian Karst.

From the time I first picked up a camera and started to slowly taste photography until 2019, when I turned pro, 25 years have passed. That first device was an old analogue film camera given to me by my dad, who hung up his camera for good at that moment. To this day I can still remember the day and the smell of that camera; the mixture of smells of the leather case, the metal body, the film that had gone through it and all those years of my dad’s photography…

Over those many years, my, at first inconspicuous tasting eventually became quite noticeably my great love, passion and an intrinsic part of me. Nowadays I shoot with a digital SLR camera, which is less fragrant, but it is noticeably faster to work with and is a more nature-friendly way of shooting. From the very beginning I’ve been shooting people and nature, and later on I got very interested in so-called live photography and documentary, which I’m really into now. Besides that, I play around with product photography from time to time. Just my “photo drawer” is literally bursting at the seams nowadays!

September 19, 2019