I am a freelance photographer and a mother of two small children. I was born in Brno but have lived in beautiful Moravian Karst for past several years.

I started getting more involved in photography after high school. I took my very first photo on dad’s old analog camera at 15 years of age. I nearly stopped taking pictures during the eight years I had been a partner in a ceramics studio but I jumped straight back in in 2006 and have turned pro in 2019.

I most often shoot portraits and various events. In my free time I take my camera outdoors or anywhere where life’s variety can be explored. As I like freedom, most of the scenes I capture occur naturally; I observe and press the shutter just at the right moment. I use similar approach during portrait photoshoots. I am drawn to authenticity, honesty, and humor and my photos reflect that.

September 19, 2019