Each photo shoot is unique.
Everybody has different requirements.
Each photo shoot takes different amount of time.

Price is usually agreed individually, however I now also offer portrait photography packages based on most popular combinations.

1hr – 10 photos – 1800 CZK*

2hr – 20 photos – 2900 CZK*

1-1,5hr – 15 photos – 2300 CZK*

1,5-2hr – 30 photos – 3500 CZK*

Other amounts of photos or photoshoot with greater time demands are possible and will be calculated individually, based on info you provide.

The price does not include printed photos but that can be arranged and at the highest quality.

* It is important for me that the price is fair, so I offer some discounts on packages for everything that saves me time or helps me. You can save more than 400CZK. This is what is included in price/ what discounts I offer:

  • Traveling to you within 15km distance from my house. Should I be traveling further, I will need to be reimbursed to the tune of 6,5 CZK per kilometer, also for the return journey. By contrast, if you come to me, I will discount the price by 200 CZK.

  • My time while shooting and many images shot from which only the best will reach you. Selecting photos, sharing them for you to choose from, adjustments and retouching. Sending final photos and/or CD with photos. Here I can offer a discount of 200 CZK if you fully leave selecting the final photos on me. Even though I select photos as well as I can, our taste might differ so please bear this in mind.

  • 2 more processed photos free as thanks for allowing me to present these on my pages (web/fb/ig); all photos approved by you of course.

I also offer GIFT CERTIFICATES, both for the above mentioned packages as well as for individual arrangements with regards to your wishes and needs. They are valid for 6 months. The terms and conditions for packages purchased using gift vouchers remain the same, but the discounts mentioned above can only be granted via increasing the number of photographs.

Always on inquiry. Events demand a lot of my time and require many pictures to be taken. Rough cost of a single processed photo is 150 CZK but it really depends on how many photos you request and how much time I spend at the event. Please share your vision and I will gladly get back to you with a tailored quote.

September 19, 2019