How and what I shoot and how much it costs

I perceive a PORTRAIT primarily as a capture of the beauty of the human soul and its uniqueness. And as the soul resides deep down and not on the surface, a photo shoot with me is initially like a conversation and/or a walk in nature, so that you can really tune in to yourself, so that you can gradually quieten all your thoughts, relax and allow yourself to be 100% you. So that you can get used to me and the photo shoot. I’m usually fun and there is no shortage of encouragement. I’ll also give you the freedom and as much time as you need, so that the result will be photos that you not only recognize yourself in, but really like yourself as well. For more info about the family photo shoot and its price click here.

My approach to FAMILY PORTRAITURE is primarily playful and authentic. To endure the photoshoot, children (especially the young ones), need it to be fun and happy. Thus the photo shoot is not just about taking pictures. We create a nice and relaxed atmosphere together, in which we capture photos that will put a smile on your face, caress you and remind you of nice moments. I fully expect the shoot to take longer in order for you all to get used to me and the camera. The family photo shoot takes place in nature, most often in the form of a walk, which also contributes to the well-being of all members. With the little ones, there is also the possibility to use the park or playground and take photos while they are playing. All four-legged furry friends are also welcome, or a separate photo shoot can be arranged with them. If you have a small baby and it would be cold outside, I can take family photos in the warmth of your home. Likewise, if you wish to have a few shots together, perhaps with grandparents who are not so adventurous anymore, I will come to you and take pictures of everything at home, in your garden or backyard. For more info click here.

Portraits that include CHILDREN are a bit different; they fall somewhere between a snapshot and an arranged photo. They are very playful. Rather than in arranged poses, I capture children in their natural relaxed and spontaneous state, right from the very beginning of the shoot. I make more photos and then select the best shots in the calm of my studio. Also because children have their own time limit, until which they are willing to cooperate.

In general, the age or nature of the portrait does not play a role – I shoot personal, couples, pregnancy, baby, children, school or family portraits, various corporate portraits and photos for websites and portfolios. Each shoot is unique and thus calculated individually. However, for the most common portrait and family shoots, I offer several packages with a predetermined price. You can also give any photo shoot as a nice gift to your loved ones via a stylish gift voucher.

REPORTAGE is my favorite genre after portraiture. I love the random, cute and funny situations that arise during these shoots. Moments that life itself creates so beautifully. And that’s why I enjoy being there, noticing them, capturing them and then passing them on in photographs, as a fond memory that is then more than just an imprint of the event itself.

This type of photo shoot is always on demand. I document private and public events; i.e. various social, cultural, corporate and school events, birthday and family celebrations, parties or weddings. The approximate price per photo is CZK 175, the exact price depends on how many photos you want, how much time is needed for the photo shoot and what your wishes are. Let me know your idea and I will be happy to prepare a quote.

On my website, but also on Facebook and Instagram, you can also find my PERSONAL WORK, i.e. photos that I take just for fun.

Me and my camera look forward to seeing you!
Moni S.

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September 19, 2019